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Young low 57 kilos with diet and exercise, but steal their photos to promote pills

A young Australian has lost nearly 60 kilos in the last three years through diet and constant exercise . However, it has been surprised that companies promoting diet pills in Facebook use images shared in their social networks on their journey to a healthier life.

Lara Kelly began to show in their social networks ( Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram ) the selfies and other pictures where you can see how over time, she has managed tolose 57 kilos exercising and eating evenly.

In his account Tumblr , Lara Kelly explains that in 2011 – after seeing a photograph ofher with her friends in Facebook – realized he had gone too much weight, why was the victim of teasing in his work. He reflected on his lifestyle, which included too much junk food, but nothing exercise.

After weighed decided to change their habits. First it began reducing food portions, leaving junk food, going for a walk at night and eating more fruits and vegetables. With the application My Fitness Pal and Las Mejores Pastillas para adelgazar Naturales started counting calories and gradually began to lose weight.

While there were times when he did not follow the regime, he managed to regain the healthy way. Motivated because through photos you could see downward kilos on her figure, she decided to publish the images on social networks.

However, now that looks thin, several companies that promote simple ways to lose weight, such as pills , have stolen their images and use them in advertisements onFacebook .

“People were asking me my opinion about them (pills). I had to tell you that I have ever used in my life , “said the girl. “When I started receiving messages, I was amazed. I was trying to get my friends will report advertisements. But when low one, it shows top 10 to take his place , “he told the Daily Mail .

“They are mostly pages in Facebook that put links to external sites (…) I sent messages to the pages and reported the disappear but put back or block me , ” saidLara Kelly.

In this regard, he urged people “not looking at a photograph and assume that someone has taken drugs to lose 20 kilos in two weeks.” “Everyone wants easy fixes.Losing weight is difficult, but worth it in the end, “he added the girl, who no longer has lost kilos, but maintains a healthy lifestyle.

(Photo: Fat Fabulous Fit / Tumblr)

(Photo: Fat Fabulous Fit / Tumblr)

Photos of marijuana under the microscope, stunning

Have you ever wondered how you marijuana is very close and personal?

Now you can see how it appears and cannabis are the scientists who study it , thanks to a new book called  Cannabis under the microscope: A Visual Exploration of Sativa and Indica Medicinal C.  Ford McCann.

The book can already be found in any online headshop has more than 170 images of cannabis in all its splendor, taken with optical and scanning electron microscopes.

Check out this small sample below:














A small sample of what you may find yourself in the picture book.

6 guidelines to improve SEO with your images

Chamber analógica Zenit 12 xp

The photos in your online store can greatly improve SEO on search engines , but you trabajárselo a little. As most will know the language used to describe and translate the structure, text and images from a web is HTML. In this language there is a term called attribute, which is the one that gives certain characteristics to an item. Well, there are certain attributes that you need to know to apply to your images, and thereby improve the positioning of your online store. We make a summary of the six guidelines that you must follow to achieve this :

    1. Rename the file : do not upload images to your server with the file name generated by the camera. It takes little time renaming, and helps a lot to SEO. Try to make the name as descriptive as possible in one or a few words. Avoid accents and blanks .The title of our sample image is “Camara_Zenit_analogica”
    2. The attribute title is the text that will show us when the mouse over the picture becomes. If we want to be the same as the file name.

analog camera Zenit 12 xp

  1. The attribute alt , refers to the alternative text that appears when the image is not loaded for some reason. It is also the one who used to tell search engine optimisation brisbane what ‘s in the image . In this attribute you have to include those words that best describe your image, the keywords . To determine whether you must think how to look for a customer, the product you’re trying to sell. Or better yet, analyzes, your analytics tool, which words are those used in the search box on your site. In the example that I put the keywords would be “alt =” Analog camera Zenit 12xp. ”  Beware! Google penalizes these keywords when you wear them in decorative images: background, buttons, borders, etc, use it headed.
  2. Similarly must rename and taguear (keywords) the different images we have of the same product . If an item is presented through, for example, four photographs (front, side, rear and interior), all these photographs have to label them the same way, but by adding to each of the keywords to him for perspective.
  3. Optimize images to sizes and appropriate resolution for your online store will not take long to load. Some say that Google penalizes those websites that linger long, but this is not entirely true. Google does not penalize. It penalizes users. If the website they are visiting is slow, chances are they get impatient and close the window. The average loading times of websites around 3 seconds on computers, and 5 seconds on mobile devices. Ideally you upload images weighing not more than 70kb , although sometimes it is very difficult to accomplish. With this average load size is 1 second.
  4. To reduce the photographs to the resolutions and sizes you need you can do this in several ways. If you have Photoshop you simply have to go to “Save for web” and hence determine the compression and number of pixels. But you have Photoshop there are several online tools that can make you the same job without any program settle. I put some of them: , PicMonkey , Pixlr , FotoFlexerGIMP , ImageOptim ,iPiccy , etc.


Movies that you any photographer

Occasionally like some sofa and blanket, now that the cold is coming. But you turn on the TV and there’s nothing good … today just turn into channel xmovies8 because we bring you a selection of documentaries and movies that will appeal to any photographer safe, ideal to relax for a while or even learn from other photographers.


1. Finding Vivian Maier

A documentary about the late Vivian Maier, a nanny whose 100,000 hitherto unknown photographs earned him a posthumous reputation as one of the best photographers of the street.


Sy (Robin Williams) works as a clerk in a store quick photo processing in a department store. It is a solitary, quiet and responsive with a single defect man needs a family that love and care. Now finally he has been found … and willing to do whatever it takes to keep it as he likes.

HIGH ART – 1998

Lucy Berliner is a veteran photographer who has lost prestige because of the drugs and his stormy relationship with Greta, an ex German actress hooked on heroin. But unexpectedly he meets Syd, a young girl working in a prestigious photography magazine and aims to achieve success. They get together move forward with a project that will strengthen his relationship beyond the professional.


A photojournalist (Stewart) is forced to remain at rest with a leg cast. Despite the company of his girlfriend (Kelly) and his nurse (Ritter), tries to escape the tedium watching from the window of his apartment with binoculars what happens in the houses opposite. Due to a series of strange circumstances it begins to suspect a neighbor whose wife has disappeared.


Julia Roberts plays a photographer who becomes entangled in a love triangle with the characters played by Jude Law and Clive Owen. Although the film shows only the photographic side, the film itself is beautifully done and gives an accurate description of the photographic process.

PECKER – 1998

Pecker (Furlong) is a 18 year old amateur photographer whose work one art dealer in New York is set. An exhibition will launch to fame, but will also create many problems with family and friends.

BLOW-UP – 1966

Adaptation of a story by Julio Cortazar tells the story of a photographer who, after making some shots in a London park, discovers reveal an unrecognizable form that turns out to be a corpse. Premiered at the Cannes Film Festival with the Palme d’Or.

PROOF (PROOF) – 1991

Martin takes guided by perceptions and descriptions of the other pictures. Martin is blind and with this rare practice for a blind person, it proves that the world is really how others describe it. Despite his arrogant and self-sufficient character, Martin needs care Celia, an attractive woman who loves him for some time and who maintains a sadistic relationship. The arrival of Andy, a burly and lonely dish washer a restaurant to the life of Martin, makes these characters are involved in a triangle of relations which in turn abused and love each other.


Although currently only available in the US, in Spain we can find in pre-book on Amazon , and sent from 21 January 2015.
Rebecca is one of the best photographers of war in the world. Upon returning to his home after being seriously wounded in Kabul, must face a tremendous emotional storm when her husband refuses to endure the dangerous life he leads.
He and his two daughters need to Rebecca and give him an ultimatum: your job or your family … The choice seems obvious.


Central eighties. Three American journalists are going to Nicaragua, where the Sandinista guerrillas is about to overthrow the dictator Somoza, although with the help of the CIA. Russell Price (Nick Nolte) is a photographer that radio journalist Claire (Joanna Cassidy) pressured to engage in the revolution. In a similar situation is another professional colleague (Gene Hackman).

Some of these movies can also be watch at putlocker.