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6 guidelines to improve SEO with your images

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The photos in your online store can greatly improve SEO on search engines , but you trabajárselo a little. As most will know the language used to describe and translate the structure, text and images from a web is HTML. In this language there is a term called attribute, which is the one that gives certain characteristics to an item. Well, there are certain attributes that you need to know to apply to your images, and thereby improve the positioning of your online store. We make a summary of the six guidelines that you must follow to achieve this :

    1. Rename the file : do not upload images to your server with the file name generated by the camera. It takes little time renaming, and helps a lot to SEO. Try to make the name as descriptive as possible in one or a few words. Avoid accents and blanks .The title of our sample image is “Camara_Zenit_analogica”
    2. The attribute title is the text that will show us when the mouse over the picture becomes. If we want to be the same as the file name.

analog camera Zenit 12 xp

  1. The attribute alt , refers to the alternative text that appears when the image is not loaded for some reason. It is also the one who used to tell search engine optimisation brisbane what ‘s in the image . In this attribute you have to include those words that best describe your image, the keywords . To determine whether you must think how to look for a customer, the product you’re trying to sell. Or better yet, analyzes, your analytics tool, which words are those used in the search box on your site. In the example that I put the keywords would be “alt =” Analog camera Zenit 12xp. ”  Beware! Google penalizes these keywords when you wear them in decorative images: background, buttons, borders, etc, use it headed.
  2. Similarly must rename and taguear (keywords) the different images we have of the same product . If an item is presented through, for example, four photographs (front, side, rear and interior), all these photographs have to label them the same way, but by adding to each of the keywords to him for perspective.
  3. Optimize images to sizes and appropriate resolution for your online store will not take long to load. Some say that Google penalizes those websites that linger long, but this is not entirely true. Google does not penalize. It penalizes users. If the website they are visiting is slow, chances are they get impatient and close the window. The average loading times of websites around 3 seconds on computers, and 5 seconds on mobile devices. Ideally you upload images weighing not more than 70kb , although sometimes it is very difficult to accomplish. With this average load size is 1 second.
  4. To reduce the photographs to the resolutions and sizes you need you can do this in several ways. If you have Photoshop you simply have to go to “Save for web” and hence determine the compression and number of pixels. But you have Photoshop there are several online tools that can make you the same job without any program settle. I put some of them: , PicMonkey , Pixlr , FotoFlexerGIMP , ImageOptim ,iPiccy , etc.