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The beautiful marriage of flour, sugar, eggs (optional), milk, butter, dry fruits (optional), and selected flavor is called a cake. No one actually knows when the first cake of the world was baked because everyone is just too happy delving into this mouth-watering piece of happiness. A cake falls under the category of desserts and is dear to every festival or occasion. But that doesn’t limit you from having a mouthful of joy and happiness when you are craving for it. When you are sad or upset or depressed, eating a piece of cake would diminish your gloomy mood. The reason is – the soft, creamy, and sweet layers of cake increase the happy hormones in your body and thus your nerve relaxes.

You can either deviate your mood and focus on baking a cake yourself or simply order a cake online in those challenging situations. Maybe your problem won’t be solved with a cake but you would surely get some positive energy to cut out the problems from your life.

These 5 cakes are simply awesome and are generally the best-selling cakes in cake shop in Dubai. Get these cake for father, mother, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, son, or yourself and say cheers to life.

Black Forest Cake: Perhaps this is the most famous cake all across the world. This simply irresistible cake is made with chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream, and the tempting cherries. Chocolate shavings are used to decorate the outer layer of the cake. Whipped cream is sandwiched between two or three layers of chocolate sponge cake and cherries are used as the topping. For the purpose of uplifting your mood, have this rich creamy cake and see how happiness becomes your nature!

Chocolate Truffle Cake:This cake work wonders when you are sad. You just become happy instantly with the mesmerizing chocolate truffle cake. Chocolate truffle is a luxurious cake and has a bittersweet taste due to the use of dark or semi-sweet chocolates in it. It has been reposted by researchers that dark chocolates are great agents of happiness. So, have it when you think nothing is working in your favor! The ganache glaze adds more beauty to this cake.

Red Velvet Cake: Even before eating this cake, you are drawn towards the beauty of this cake! A red velvet cake is actually a chocolate sponge cake where beetroot or artificial edible colors are used to bring the gorgeous red color. It is perfectly layered with cream cheese and that gives the white layers to this cake. Present it to your girlfriend when she is unhappy for some reason and boost her happy mood.

Pineapple Cake: Those who are not so much fan of extreme sweet items generally go for this soothing pineapple cake. This soft and mesmerizing cake is from Taiwan and is made from butter, flour, egg, sugar, and pineapple jam. The taste is somewhere between sweet and tangy and that’s why it is loved by people. You can order this cake for your father when you see him agitated or shouting over business matters!

Mango Cheesecake: Cheesecake – the name itself sounds like heaven! The pulps of fresh and ripe mangoes are mixed with fresh and soft cheese, eggs, and sugar. The bottom layer or the base of the cake is done with ladyfingers or digestive biscuits or crackers. Generally, this is a type of cake that is not baked. Yes, you read that right – cheesecakes are normally refrigerated for at least 6-8 hours. Mango flavored cheesecake would be a perfect gift for a friend who is quite depressed these days.

So, go for these awesome cakes and stash away all your worries!



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