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We leave you with a selection of 5 films / documentaries focused on Photojournalism:


War Photographer is a Swiss documentary film of Christian Frei published in 2002. It tells the story of war photographer  James Nachtwey  and addresses the dilemmas facing those involved in war journalism. The documentary was nominated in 2002 to the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

War Photographer


Based on true events, the story revolves around four photographers, Greg Marinovich  (played by Ryan Phillippe),  Joao Silva  (played by Neels Van Jaarsveld),  Kevin Carter  (played by Taylor Kitsch) and  Ken Oosterbroek  (played by Frank Rautenbach) ; South Africa united in the mid-90s with their cameras to capture the new form of government that was taking place. War, poverty, desolation … The topics of this tape are dense, especially because it takes us on a journey in which the duty photographer faces reason and thehuman heart.

Interestingly Jame Nachtwey was covering the same facts also appears.

The Bang Bang Club

During the period of the dictatorship of Pinochet, a group of Chilean photographed the protests and Chilean society in its many facets. On the street, the pace of the protests, these photographers were formed and created a political language. For them photograph was a practice of freedom, an attempt to survive, an alternative to continue living.

His photographs were used to support the testimony of the victims of the dictatorship and were instrumental in initiating processes of justice. Some of them were brutally repressed, others killed … most are still alive.

They represent the past inhospitable Chile and metamorphosis of Chilean society.

This film talks about them, watch them on movie2k.

The City of Photographers


Lloyd Harrison works as a photojournalist for Newsweek, and is tired of the horrors that have to live as a war, so when sent to cover a minor conflict in Yugoslavia decides that this will be his last job. He wants to spend more time with Sarah, his wife, and their children.

Harrison disappears when his teammates give him for dead, but Sarah, refusing to accept it, decides to go to the conflict zone to find him. Photojournalists covering the conflict will help in your search.

Harrison’s Flowers


It’s about the last days of the Somoza regime in Nicaragua during 1979. The story is fictional, but is inspired by real events.

Three American journalists are going to Nicaragua, where the Sandinista guerrilla threatens to overthrow the dictator Somoza, with the help of the CIA. Russell Price (Nick Nolte) is a photographer who radio reporter Claire (Joanna Cassidy) pressured to become involved in the Sandinista revolution. In the same situation is another professional colleague (Gene Hackman). They struggle inform neutrality in view of the cruelty of the struggle of the civilian population against the army. When the guerrilla instructs Price a photograph of one of its leaders, which is said to be dead, Price is involved in the events and, with his partner Claire, will be in the dilemma of helping the rebels, forgetting his apolitical as journalists and thus risking their lives.