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Advertising photography has always been more complicated than we think. Starting because the photographer should reflect exactly what a brand wants, but not put so much of himself / herself, as it may result in nothing pleasing result for a company. But beyond that, when we have the opportunity to compose and modify ourselves technical aspects, there is a world of possibilities to experiment. Food photography is generally more attractive when our photographic experiments. However, the photograph of drinks also have endless opportunities to express your talent. Here I give you some tips for photography beverage.


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Photography tips to make drinks

False ices. If you try to photograph cold drinks, you will notice that while you set up your photographic equipment to capture, ordinary ice will melt. However, in some stores or piñaterías utilities, you can buy fake ice. If you can not manufacture them yourself / a with plastic sheeting or other material you can think of .


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Condensation. Condensation can give a very refreshing cold drinks appearance. To photograph of cold drinks, you can use a water sprinkler and “watering” the cup or glass to give a provocative look. Remember that similarly, should put some speed to the whole process. You can also generate a dummy condensation, mixing glycerin and water and then spreading it by the recipient.


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Lighting. Lighting is one of the key elements of the photographs of drinks. Depending on your frame, it is good to try with lamps at different angles. It contrapicado diffuse lighting generally useful. However, the most important thing I can say here is that liquids must be precisely illuminated. (Psst !, by the way, to learn to make these incredible black backgrounds, click here )


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Reflective. We can also use reflective, in company with the lamp. What I mean by reflective? Very simple: I mean metallized paper or , failing that , to aluminum. Try the following: cut paper (color you prefer, you can go testing) as the cup or container you’re trying to photograph and put behind it. Based on this, molded light so that the material becomes give a special color and brightness to the beverage.

Boil a drink (for hot drinks). Photography hot drinks is the simplest: to photograph the smoke coming from drink, you simply have to boil it before shooting the photo. But: remember that glass containers can not withstand very hot, so you should try to use porcelain cups or other resistant material. For best results, also set the shutter speed on the camera so you can capture the smoke in full swing.


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Photography beverage costing software also involves some investment on stage and mix other substances that can be used for other purposes such as foam, for example. However, these are tips that you can apply at home without much trouble. Success!