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Photos reveal how dogs wore gas masks

Use gas masks was common in adults and children during the 2nd World War. However, this collection of photographs shows that they were also common in dogs. The collection of photos came from retronaut blog and shows the number of times the dogs were sent to the front.


dogs mascaras-war-world

Dogs wore gas masks during World War 2. DailyMail

The black and white images show a lot of dogs in different situations, equipped with CPAP Masks and fighting on both sides of the war. Historically, dogs have always been of great value during the wars and it is no surprise that the equipment has been manufactured especially for them.

dogs mascaras-gas-world-war

In image 2 dogs and a German soldier wearing gas masks. DailyMail

Nazis had tried to train dogs to talk and read, betting that they could help win the battle. German dogs classified as being almost as intelligent as humans and tried to create an army of dogs “speakers”.

Dogs were used by both sides during the 2nd World War. DailyMail

In London, at the beginning of the 2nd War in September 1939, over 400,000 dogs and cats were killed in four days, six times more than the number of civilians killed throughout the war. Food for pets was not rationed and the government has not issued any statement to the people “disappear” with their animals.
Scholars refer to this as being the Dogs Massacre and Cats in Britain in the 2nd World War, but it continues as a moment forgotten in history.