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Young low 57 kilos with diet and exercise, but steal their photos to promote pills

A young Australian has lost nearly 60 kilos in the last three years through diet and constant exercise . However, it has been surprised that companies promoting diet pills in Facebook use images shared in their social networks on their journey to a healthier life.

Lara Kelly began to show in their social networks ( Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram ) the selfies and other pictures where you can see how over time, she has managed tolose 57 kilos exercising and eating evenly.

In his account Tumblr , Lara Kelly explains that in 2011 – after seeing a photograph ofher with her friends in Facebook – realized he had gone too much weight, why was the victim of teasing in his work. He reflected on his lifestyle, which included too much junk food, but nothing exercise.

After weighed decided to change their habits. First it began reducing food portions, leaving junk food, going for a walk at night and eating more fruits and vegetables. With the application My Fitness Pal and Las Mejores Pastillas para adelgazar Naturales started counting calories and gradually began to lose weight.

While there were times when he did not follow the regime, he managed to regain the healthy way. Motivated because through photos you could see downward kilos on her figure, she decided to publish the images on social networks.

However, now that looks thin, several companies that promote simple ways to lose weight, such as pills , have stolen their images and use them in advertisements onFacebook .

“People were asking me my opinion about them (pills). I had to tell you that I have ever used in my life , “said the girl. “When I started receiving messages, I was amazed. I was trying to get my friends will report advertisements. But when low one, it shows top 10 to take his place , “he told the Daily Mail .

“They are mostly pages in Facebook that put links to external sites (…) I sent messages to the pages and reported the disappear but put back or block me , ” saidLara Kelly.

In this regard, he urged people “not looking at a photograph and assume that someone has taken drugs to lose 20 kilos in two weeks.” “Everyone wants easy fixes.Losing weight is difficult, but worth it in the end, “he added the girl, who no longer has lost kilos, but maintains a healthy lifestyle.

(Photo: Fat Fabulous Fit / Tumblr)

(Photo: Fat Fabulous Fit / Tumblr)